​​The Inception of The Dinkers Club

The idea of The Dinkers Club was born out of a simple desire – to integrate the fun, excitement, and community of pickleball with stylish, high-quality apparel. There is no clean looking and comfortable clothing that makes people express the sport and look great. Why not, we thought, build a bridge between the sport we love and the apparel we want to see? With this in mind, The Dinkers Club came into being, becoming a symbol of a fresh, modern, and dedicated approach to pickleball gear.

Who is Behind The Dinkers Club?

Josh Ray, a San Francisco native and pickleball enthusiast, understands the unique aspects that make the sport special: the sense of inclusivity, the community on the court, and the competitiveness of the game. I wanted to channel this energy into something tangible, which is how The Dinkers Club was created. Every design, every piece of clothing, embodies my passion for the sport and my commitment to making others feel happy to play.

The Benefit of Wearing The Dinkers Club Apparel

The Dinkers Club isn't just about fashion. Yes, we design our clothing to make you look good on the court, but our vision goes beyond aesthetics. We meticulously design our apparel with performance and comfort in mind. Our clothing can withstand the vigorous movement of the game, resist wear and tear, and help you stay comfortable throughout your play. You're joining a vibrant, inclusive community of players who share your passion for the game, because after all, we are more than a brand - we are The Dinkers Club.